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Wholemeal and Brown Flours

Andrews Wholemeal Flours are designed both for yeasted bread in the plant bakeries but there are also many varieties of soft wholemeals popular in the various wheaten breads.

Wholemeal No.6

A coarse wholemeal developed in particular for wheaten soda bread use. The grist is a blend of European wheats specifically selected. This allied to the technical method of milling means this wholemeal serves its purpose very well and is very difficult to replicate.


Wholemeal No.5

A medium cut wholemeal using a similar wheat blend to No.6.


Wholemeal Special

A fine cut wholemeal which is a similar wheat blend to No.6 but is necessary for certain textures of bread. As with all these wholemeals consistency is maintained.


Wholemeal No.8

A wholemeal milled from high protein wheats and is recommended for use in yeasted wholemeal bread.


Coarse Brown

This brown flour is a subtle blend of flour and a specifically milled coarse bran. A unique product that ideally suits many brown flour recipes.


Malt and Grain

A flaky malted wheat grain which produces a distinctive yeasted bread.