How we are different


Customer Services

Ensuring Our Customers’ Needs Are Met

We have dedicated customer services personnel at Andrews Flour trained to offer assistance to both new and existing customers. They are primarily involved in processing sales orders by all traditional and digital means. These orders are then processed to ensure efficient delivery schedules are put in place to suit the customers needs.

Sales over the phone are often favoured by some of our customers. This involves regular outgoing calls to the customer, ensuring they are kept up to date and provided with any additional information regarding the order process, products or general enquiries. Using carefully targeted information, we can ensure needs are met in order to build relationships with our customers and gain their trust.

Due to our personal knowledge of the customers we have an advantage over larger companies when it comes to managing some of the day to day issues that occur.


Business Development

Our Extensive Market Knowledge

We have many customers from relatively small craft bakeries to large automated plant bakeries. Our experience and market knowledge allows us to meet the needs of our customers in order to help develop their businesses.

Andrews Flour have a sales force which covers Ireland. In Northern Ireland we have skilled business development and account managers whom through regular customer visits can respond to customer requests and convey important information. In the Republic of Ireland we have a sales manager who performs a similar role.

These people will make trading with Andrews Flour a rewarding and problem free experience.


Guaranteed Prompt Deliveries
We deliver to all parts of Ireland, although our small deliveries are primarily situated within Northern Ireland in order to meet the needs of the craft home bakeries.
Our delivery service is highly efficient whether it is bag or bulk flour. Again due to our size we have a wide knowledge of our customers’ delivery preferences and can react accordingly.
Being a local mill in Belfast means that our delivery time is very prompt. Even if a customer has a supply problem due to unforeseen circumstances we on many occasions can react almost immediately. Our delivery drivers focus on customers and their requirements.


Our Superior Production Team

Andrews Flour modern and efficient mill is able to produce an extensive range of flours and wholemeals. Regulated control procedures are in operation to ensure that flours are milled safely and to specification. The wheats milled are bought to exacting specifications in order that the quality and consistency of the finished flour is maintained.

A modern laboratory is also utilised to give the necessary support to the mill to ensure flours are milled to the required quality level.