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The Andrews family first built a flour mill in Comber Co. Down in 1722. It was by all reports an imposing building five storeys high and costing a large sum in those days of £1400. This was financially difficult as there were no banks from which to borrow.

1883 - 1895

Milling continued in Comber until 1883 by which time two mills operated by the Andrews family were producing in Belfast. The second Belfast mill was closed in 1895 and sold to Thomas Gallaher for his new tobacco factory.


Since 1895 milling has been centred on a large scale in Percy Street, Belfast, also referred to as the Belfast Mills. This has been home since 1895 with the closure of the original mill in Comber.

The 1950s

During the Twentieth Century many problems were encountered, including two World Wars and flour imports from N. America. Despite this, the mill continued to thrive whilst constantly innovating and improving.

21st Century

Andrews Flour Mill to this day continues to operate out of the Percy Street site in Belfast, producing and providing high quality flour to the bakery industry throughout Ireland.